What they’re saying at the Congress…

10 September 2012 | Article

I’ve had a lot of stimulating and interesting conversations. I work for a mining company but I feel likeminded with the conservationists that are here and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and getting ideas that we can try and feature.
Dr. Samantha Smith, Nautilus Minerals, Australia

A sustainable way of life is only possible when prices reflect the real cost of production.
IUCN Tweeter

From an ecological perspective “the Korean demilitarized zone is similar to the European Green Belt pre-1990.
Dr. Uwe Riecken, German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany

Working at the Congress has been an amazing experience. I studied marketing at university which is completely different from the work I do in Costa Rica. This is a great opportunity to learn new things and work with colleagues from around the world.
Mariana Quirós Lara, IUCN Mesoamérica e Iniciativa Caribe, Costa Rica

The Congress is a wonderful opportunity to feel part of a global organization. Being in Oceania, you sometimes forget that you’re part of a much bigger machine. Coming to the Congress is a great reminder of that.
Dr. Milika Sobey, IUCN Oceania, Fiji