IUCN, Nespresso and Rio Tinto launch Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

11 September 2012 | Article

Aluminium is a unique metal, in great demand for its qualities of durability, strength and recyclability. It is the world’s second most used metal after steel and today at the Congress, IUCN, Nespresso and Rio Tinto launched an initiative to create a responsible aluminium standard.

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) aims to foster greater sustainability and transparency throughout the aluminium industry by mobilising a broad base of stakeholders to promote responsible practices, across the aluminium value chain, in business ethics, and environmental and social performance.

Since 2009 a group of aluminium value chain members have been working together in collaboration with IUCN to ensure the future sustainability and increased transparency of the industry from mine to smelter, from refinery to manufacture. ASI is the outcome of that work and is developing the first Responsible Aluminium Standard.

These aluminium value chain members, who are today the ASI founding partners, all share the same view. At the heart of business success in a global environment is the understanding that sustainability and economic survival are inextricably linked.